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Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center

AACI has branches in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Netanya, Haifa and Be’er Sheva. AACI, Jerusalem moved into its new location in 2010, thanks to a generous contribution by Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman. The new site serves as the main resource and counseling center for English speakers of all ages and is open weekdays and many evenings for a variety of programs, services and activities. Youth groups, families and seniors visit the center for information, advice, art exhibitions, the English library, concerts, exercise classes, etc. and to get involved in a range of good causes.

Stop by and tour our new premises on your next visit to Jerusalem.

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AACI’s Offices in Israel


AACI-Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center
37 Pierre Koenig/2 Poalei Tzedek, Talpiot
POB 53349, Jerusalem 91533

Tel Aviv

94/a Allenby Street
Tel Aviv 65814
POB 56112
Tel Aviv 61560


Beit Oleh America Netanya AACI, 28 Shmuel Hanatziv Netanya 42281


c/o Information Center
131 Sderot Hameginim


Matnas “Yud Aleph”
11 Mordehai Namir St.
Shchunat Yud Aleph
Be’er Sheva