Become an American Friend of AACI


AACI Overseas Membership is your way to connect to AACI abroad and keeps you informed about AACI’s wide range of programs and services. Overseas Friends receive current information on travel opportunities and qualify for discounts on local venues.

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Benefits and Discounts for AACI Members Include:

AACI Resources & Information

Financial & Tax Seminars
Philanthropic Consulting

Real Estate & Investment Advice
Translation Services
Local & National Bulletins

Programs & Services

Bridge, Exercise, Art, Photography
Social Activities for All Ages
RAPS (Retired Active Persons)

Trips, Cruises & Walking Tours
Libraries & Reading Programs
Educational Seminars

Local Discounts and Deals

Local Restaurants & Venues
Selected Flights, Rental Cars & Hotels

Theater, Opera & the Ballet
Local Newspapers & Publications

Professional Counseling

Citizenship & Olim Rights
Visas & Customs
Education & Healthcare
Cultural Adjustment

Loans & Mortgages
Social Security
Employment  Counseling
Lone Soldier Counseling Services

Overseas members interested in making aliyah should contact one of our peofesisonal counselors before and during the aliyah process.  AACI helps guide you through your aliyah process and makes for a smooth transition into Israeli society.


To become an American Friend of AACI CLICK HERE