AACI-Supporting the English Speaking
Community in Israel since 1951

Who We Are

American Friends of AACI encourages and supports the programs and services of AACI- a voluntary, non-profit organization, serving more than 300,000 English speakers living in Israel. AACI is dedicated to the successful integration of North American olim of all ages into Israeli society. AACI helps newcomers to acclimate, provides ongoing services to new and veteran olim, sponsors programs to enhance the quality of life for all Israelis, arranges a variety of social activities for all ages and works towards building stronger ties between North American Jewry and Israel.


AACI is the oldest, most inclusive non-profit organization for English speakers in Israel. Reaching across religious, cultural and political lines, AACI brings together the multi-faceted community through volunteerism and a variety of programs. AACI is known as the heart and mind of the English speaking community, because whatever the need, whether in times of celebration or in times of emergency, AACI’s staff and volunteer network are ready to serve.  AACI is your Community connection in Israel.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve and support the work of the AACI in Israel. AACI’s chief purpose is to promote the well-being of Americans and Canadians who have immigrated or are residing in Israel.

As Friends we work together to build a stronger, more informed English speaking community and to foster greater ties between North America and Israel. The Board of Directors of American Friends of AACI provides oversight and management of legal and financial matters pertaining to North American contributions, including, but not limited to the solicitation of funds. For Board of Directors CLICK HERE

Visit AACI’s Website: www.aaci.org.il